09/05/2016 Happy Labor Day, 9/10:30 Classes ONLY Today!



30 Pistols (alternating legs)
20 OH Squat (65/45lbs)
30 Walking Lunges
20 Back Squat (65/45lbs)
3 Rounds

This one is going to warm up the legs really well! We have alternated Single leg movements with Overhead and Back Squats. This way, those glutes will get a small break for a few minutes in between the Pistols and Lunges. The load for the Squats is set to light so that you can blast right through each set of 20 unbroken, ideally every round. Due to the combination of relatively high volume, bodyweight movements and light weights, this one will be sure to make you pretty sore. Take some time at the end to recover appropriately after the session and in the days after.

Take a look at the Pistol Progression video and find a good substitute.  If you are unable to do at least 6-8 reps without needing to stop and rest, then think about scaling the movement to something that you can keep for at least 8 reps at a time. The weight is light, and you should have no problem doing all sets of the squats unbroken.

Fitness: The goal is to get stronger in Single leg movements. So, we have taken some balance out of the equation by having you perform Bulgarian Lunges vs Pistols.  Place your back foot on a bench and Lunge up and Down, similar to a Split Squat. This is putting that front foot under a little bit more demand, which makes it work a little harder.

We have taken the reps down for everything so you can get through 3 rounds in a similar time frame to the other categories. Because the weight is set as light, an empty Barbell may be ok or even slightly heavy for some people.  You can either use a PVC pipe for both Squats, or maybe a PVC just for the OH squats and a Trainer Bar for the Back Squats.



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