Mother daughter CrossFit!  Sarah and Matte moving some lbs during a partner workout.

Mother daughter CrossFit! Sarah and Matte moving some lbs during a partner workout.


60 DB Snatch
10 Box Jumps (24/20″)
50 DB Snatch
20 Box Jumps
40 DB Snatch
30 Box Jumps
30 DB Snatch
40 Box Jumps
20 DB Snatch
50 Box Jumps
10 DB Snatch
60 Box Jumps
AMRAP 20min

* Use a DB 1/4 of your BW

Another couplet today. However, this one has NO rest built in and is designed to be performed without a lot of down time. It will be one of those grindy ones when people just need to put their heads down and keep going. It is not expected that anyone will make it through more than one round. Think of it as ‘how far can you go in 20min?’ The volume is high for both movements, but specifically the Box Jumps.  We only encourage re-bounding for people who are experienced and have no predispositions to ankle/calf issues.

The Dumbbell Snatches are performed from the ground and are done by alternating arms.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: We have prescribed the weight for both of these categories as ¼ of your bodyweight. On average this should be a light-ish weight for most people. One that you can keep moving through at a consistent rate.  You will most likely need to take a breather during the early, bigger sets, but at least 20 without stopping should be manageable.

We encourage people to scale the load if it is feeling slightly heavy for you, unless for some reason you feel like you’re working more toward strength side of things. The only downside is that your intensity will go down and you won’t get through a big chunk of the workout.

You should have the same mentality with the Box Jumps — you should be able to consistently perform 10+ each round without needing to stop much. This goes for any method you are using. Re-bounding or stepping down. For today, lower the height and move a little faster than trying to do the Rxd height.

Fitness: We haven’t prescribed any load for this category specifically. Use a load that is maintainable (technique-wise) and not so heavy that you get sloppy across the 20min. We have lowered the reps so you aren’t stuck on one movement for too long at any given time. If you are ok with stepping up onto a Box, great, otherwise substitute in a few stacked plates.


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