09/01/2016 Happy September! Welcome HERO WOD Saturdays!

Snapshots of the CFS crew during last weekend's CFO Summer Slam Competition.

Snapshots of the CFS crew during last weekend’s CFO Summer Slam Competition.

Anyone sore from all those dips and prep work on Tuesday, or the heavy clean and jerks yesterday!?  Outstanding job to all those that PR’d their lifts!  There were some sweet Facebook/Instagram posts with the #PR attached!  We also definitely saw some slow moving today as we did those PVC pass throughs prior to our warmup! 🙂

A Note from our Programmers:

“For September, we’ve programmed Hero Saturdays, with a different Hero workout each week. We paired Saturdays and Hero workouts for the simple reason that Saturdays are usually when people want those grindy workouts. To us, it’s the perfect fit. We have chosen Hero workouts that compliment the rest of the programming (this is harder than it seems) and are not too outrageous. It was fun to go through the archives and analyze the workouts. We hope you members enjoy them too.

We want to thank everyone who has reached out with questions and feedback. We love hearing from you guys and we really do try to use your feedback to grow and evolve our program. With that in mind, we are allocating more time for Cool Downs or Finishers where appropriate. These are always optional and time permitting, so if you are unable to complete them each session, don’t worry about it. They’re there when you need them, and you can omit them when you need to.

We are also adding Quick Scales to Warmups where needed. We don’t want you to spend a lot of time reviewing complex movements during the Warmup portion every day (occasionally is fine), so if there’s something that needs a scale, we will write a Quick Scale next to it.

And that’s it for announcements! If you have any questions/feedback, let us know.

Cheers, Pat and Taz”

If you have any comments/questions or feedback for our programmers, let us know!  We are happy to share any concerns on behalf of our members.  Love something/Hate something??  They are very receptive to feedback from the affiliates and membership!   You can jot down a few lines, leave it with your trainer and we will forward to Pat and Taz and the folks at warmupandworkout.com.


Max 1km Row
Rest 3min
*Max Set Front Squat @ (115/75lbs)
Rest 3min
Max 500m Row
Rest 2min
*Max Set Front Squat @ (115/75lbs)
Rest 2min
Max 250m Row
Rest 1min
*Max Set Front Squat @ (115/75lbs)

* Without putting BB down.

Think of it as three hard efforts of Rowing/Squatting with plenty of rest to allow for full recovery in between. Because of the amount of rest built in for each round, you should aim to do each Row very close to a 100% effort. The set of Squats starts when you pick the Barbell up off the ground and ends when you drop it.  You can rest as needed with the Barbell in the rack position, but relying on this, only to get a few more reps, will fatigue you quicker than you think and will waste time.  Aim to keep moving as fast as possible for one big set and then towards the end you can resort to pausing, then one more rep…etc.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The intended load for the Front Squats is light to moderate. Those who are using lighter weight should be able to get 20+ reps of unbroken Squats. For the first round at least.  You might be able to hold this for all three sets, but expect a few reps to drop off, since the rest time is decreasing as you also get more fatigued. Those who are going heavier on weight should aim for around 10-15 reps per set. .

Score = Total Time (including rest time) – Front Squat Reps

Make sure you go to a true max set. It is pretty uncomfortable to go to failure, which is why some people will hesitate.  Perhaps some of us may not have ever really experienced what it should feel like. 

Fitness: Rather than having you go to a true failure (for the reasons mentioned above), we have put a 20 rep limit on your sets. These sets don’t need to be unbroken— you can break them up as needed. If the empty Barbell is still too heavy, either reduce the reps or substitute with some Dumbbells.



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