08/30/2016 Push/Pull Action

Real men wear pink...on their knee sleeves, as Todd demonstrates.

Real men wear pink…on their knee sleeves, as Todd demonstrates.


Min 1: 20 KB Swing (24/16kg)

Min 2: 10 Ring Dips

Min 3: 20 KB Swings

Min 4: 10 Ring Dips

etc. for 12 minutes

Pull/Push EMOM style. The Moderately heavy KB Swings should get the heart rate going, making it a little harder to get through the Dips on the next minute. A total of 6 rounds for each movement. It is quite a lot of volume to get done in 12min, which is what makes it such a great workout!

Ideally, you should be getting through the movements with 10sec+/- Rest at the end to allow for getting back to equipment, taking a breath and going again. This means that you should shoot for doing all the Swings unbroken. The Ring Dips will probably need to be broken up by most people, but as long as you can jump back up after a quick rest, you should be able to get them done.

Today, we would rather see people going a little heavier and doing less reps for both movements than scaling.  If you need a thick (usually green) band, then scale to Box Dips or even Pushups rather than using the band. The thick bands can change the stimulus of the Ring Dip and that’s not what we are going for today.

Fitness: Choose a KB Swing load that you can do 15 reps unbroken for 6 rounds. Scale the reps if you don’t think you can get through 15 in a minute.  We have prescribed Pushups today instead of dips for the push stimulus.  You should still practice Dips in the warmup portion, but for the workout, work on your Pushups. Find a scale that is hard for you, but you can still maintain a good plank position.


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