Good luck to our CFS Athletes competing in the CrossFit Oakdale Summer Slam WOD tomorrow at 08:00am!  The gym will be CLOSED on SATURDAY but we will be posting a “home workout”, so get down there to support your homies and then have the rest of the day to play!  Come out to support Ann, Coach Jen, Coach Slater and Karen as they WOD their hearts out:)


21 Abmat Situps
15 DB Box Step Up and Over (45/25lbs)
9 DB Jumping Lunges (45/25lbs)
AMRAP 12min

The dumbbells are held by your sides for the DB Step Up and Overs.  You can step up and over any way. Meaning, you can step up/down laterally (which probably makes more sense) or you can step up forward and step down forward. People will probably end up using a combination of both.  You can use any leg you choose to step up and down. Alternating legs is the best option.

For the Jumping lunges, the dumbbells are held at your sides and the back knee needs to graze the ground and the hips need to be open at the top of the movement.  You can perform them in a continuous fashion and you don’t need to pause after each rep. One jump = 1 rep.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The weight is set as light to moderate, but after a few reps it might start to feel heavy. That’s the nature of the two movements. Use the warmup to see how it feels after a few reps with the Rxd weight and whether or not you want to scale. Use a 24” box for Beyond Rxd and a 20” Box for Rxd.

Some people may need to perform the Jumping Lunges without any load. They can be hard to balance without load, let alone adding dumbbells to either side. OR, they can perform weighted regular Lunges.

Fitness: We have written that you perform DB Step Ups, but omit the dumbbells if you just aren’t able to complete the work. If you think you can perform the Jumping Lunges,  do it!!!  Otherwise keep the modification as regular Lunges on the spot. They are pretty dynamic, so any people with knee issues should stick with regular Lunges or scale weight appropriately.


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