200m Sprint
35 Double Unders
Perform every 3min
6 Rounds

We want each round to be an all-out Sprint. That means you need to make sure you are really warmed up and ready to go at Round 1.

Ideally, the Double Unders should be unbroken and done as fast as possible. If you aren’t able to do this, either scale the reps to something you know you can hit in a few sets, or just attempt to get the set done as fast as possible. This is a good workout to practice Double Unders under a very specific fatigue.

Each round (Sprint + Double Unders) should take less than 2min, which gives you over a minute to rest. This will feel adequate for the first few rounds, but then it will start to go by really fast!  Focus on getting your heart rate down as quickly as possible.

Fitness: We have subbed out the Jump Rope for Fast Feet. We want you to get a similar stimulus to the Double Unders today and Fast Feet will do that for sure. If you are unable to jump, modify the fast feet to 20 fast air squats.


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