08/23/2016 Gym CLOSED This Saturday! Go Support Our CFS Athletes in Oakdale!

Thomas looking great in his front squat position.

Thomas looking great in his front squat position.

This Saturday, August 27th, the gym will be CLOSED!  A few of our AWESOME CFS athletes and coaches will be at CrossFit Oakdale to compete in the Summer Slam Competition, starting at 8 am!!  They would LOVE to see all of your excited faces there to cheer them on!  Or if you hurry, there is still time to register at http://www.wodrocket.com!  There will be food and fun for all!  We will post a home WOD for those who still want to work on your fitness, before you make the trek down to Oakdale to party with the big dogs 🙂 AND be sure to check our Facebook Page for a Worship and WOD time for SUNDAY if you want to join in.


15 OH Squat (155/105lbs)
8 Hip Extensions
5 Rounds
15 OH Squat (155/105lbs)

A short 5 rounder sandwiched between some heavy OH Squats to get the shoulders and legs a little fatigued. The first round of OH Squats should feel good since everyone will be nice and fresh. The second set will feel a lot heavier!  The weight needs to be taken from the ground so be safe and methodical getting the barbell into the OH Squat position.

If you would like, you can substitute the Hip Extensions to DBLE KB Russian Swings. Use a load that you can perform 8 reps without any problems. Or, you can modify it to a weighted Good Morning (Barbell or Plate).

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The OH Squat will most likely need to be broken into 2 or 3 sets each time. For the first time, you might be able to do one or two big sets, but the second time will for sure be harder for you. Use this as a guideline when warming up to help you decide on how to decide on your weight.  You also need to be able to safely get it over your head, which can be an issue for some people.

Movement Options: Scale the HSPU to 12 Cherry Pickers . To scale it further, perform Pike Pushups on a Box.

Fitness: Use a weight that you can perform 8 reps comfortably with. If you struggle in this position, you may want to load up a little bit more using a Back Squat. Today is about getting under a heavy-ish load — try to preserve that stimulus. We have written a Plate Press and Plate Good Morning for the 5 rounds so that you only need to have one piece of equipment. Use a weight that is challenging for the 6 Plate Presses. If you think you are capable of performing solid Pike Presses on a box, then you can always use that as your modification as well. If the Plate is too much for the Good Mornings, take it out and perform bodyweight Good Mornings instead.

****Also for anyone interested, Nic will be providing a NON-LIVE FIRE course on CARJACKING: Don’t Be A Victim, this Saturday as well!  10:00 am-1:00pm at CrossFit Sonora.  You will learn how to safely protect yourself and your loved ones, how to maneuver in and around your vehicle, situational and spatial awareness related to vehicles, identification techniques and run contact scenarios.  Cost is $65.  Call Nic to reserve your spot, space is limited!  209-352-5575.


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