08/22/2016 Congrats Coach!


Congrats Coach Seth on your big finish at the Lake Tahoe XTERRA Triathlon. Thanks for being an awesome example for us all!

“There is no single sport or activity that trains for perfect fitness. True fitness requires a compromise in adaptation broader than the demands of most every sport.” – Greg Glassman – founder of CrossFit, Inc.


50 Strict Pullups
Every time you break perform…
6 Over/Unders
50 Chest to Bar Pullups
Every time you break perform…
6 Over/Unders

The goal for this workout should be to do as big sets as possible for those Pullups, since every time you come off the Pullup Bar, 6 Over/Unders need to be performed. If you end up doing 1 or 2 Pullups at a time, it will end up being a really long workout.  Sometimes athletes just need to struggle and get through a workout at a slow pace if it means they complete 50 Pullups in a way they never have before.

1 Over/Under = Jump Over once and back under once. Set up a PVC on boxes so that you can jump over relatively easy and the crawl under is hard but manageable. Taller people will need to stack a few extra plates on the box.

Fitness:  stick with a hard Ring Row. Draw chalk lines on the ground so that you aren’t tempted to move your feet higher. If people are strong enough, you can do the Ring Pullups for the second set, otherwise you just repeat the Ring Rows. A break in a set is when you either come off the Rings or you can no longer pull your chest to the rings.




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