08/18/2016 Bodyweight Bonanza

Welcome new CFS member Mary Ellen!

Welcome new CFS member Mary Ellen!


15 Pushups
10 Parallette Pass Throughs
5 Candlestick to Handstand
10 Rounds

Bodyweight Bonanza today with a lot of support needed through the shoulders during the Plank position for those Pushups and Pass Throughs. The limiting movement will probably be the Pushups, as people will start to fail after a while on these. Make sure you are hitting a good standard for the Pass Throughs. Plank position to start and one fluid motion into a Supine Plank as the end position.

If 150 Pushups seems like too much volume for you, then think about scaling the reps to either 100 (10 per round) or 80 (8 per round). Scaling the reps is good for those who are on the cusp of being able to do a lot of Pushups as Rxd (not on their knees or elevated hands). Use this session to practice getting some volume in. For those who need to scale the movement,  elevate your hands on a bench or a box rather than going to the knees.

For the Parallette Pass Throughs: if some of you are too tall to do them on the Parallettes,  use two benches or boxes to put your hands on instead.  We have done these a couple of other times.  They’re super fun, but get pretty nasty.  Be sure to keep the shoulders engaged and active.

If you are unable to perform the Candlestick to Handstand, you can choose whether you want to modify to simply doing 5 kick ups into a handstand. You kick up, pause for 2-3sec and kick down. Or, you can do 10 Lying Leg Raises (legs as straight as possible.)

Fitness: We modified the reps here to keep the intensity high. For the Leg Raises, bend the knees to scale the movement and make the end position feet just off the ground (not touching). This helps you stay tight through the whole movement.  Kick backs are basically a burpee without the pushup portion.  Hands on ground, Kick out to plank, feet jump back in toward hands and you stand.  Those will be done as a sub for the pass throughs.

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