Happy Bday to Coach Cheryl

Happy Bday to Coach Cheryl


5 Hang Power Snatch (115/75lbs)
Max set unbroken Back Squat
7 Rounds

You can rest as much as needed between the Hang Power Snatch and the Back Squat. To save time, you may go straight into the set of the Back Squats. When you’re fresh in the earlier rounds, this makes the most sense.

The Barbell needs to be taken from the ground though, so make sure you know the safe ways to get it to your back. The weight isn’t too heavy, so this shouldn’t be an issue for anyone.  Aim to maintain a similar score each round, rather than going to full failure on the first few sets and not having much left in the tank for the later rounds. Going for a max set is quite mentally challenging, and a lot of people don’t like to go there, try hard to stay focused and push through those barriers.

For the scoring, take your total time and deduct your total (all 7 rounds) of Back Squat score from it as if the reps = seconds.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The weight for the Hang Power Snatch should be light to moderate for you and the Back Squat weight (same weight) should feel light. Everyone should be aiming for at least 10+ reps of the Back Squat per round.

Fitness: Aim to use an empty Barbell, or add a small amount of weight.  You don’t need to go straight into the Back Squats from the Snatches.  There can be a pause in between! Don’t blow your WOD. 🙂

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