Marco sprints to the finish.

Marco sprints to a strong finish.


DB Thruster (55/35lbs)

A descending ladder into an ascending ladder. Brutal. No one likes having the reps increase after they have decreased! Do they? The reps are pretty low though so no one should have too much of an issue getting through them quickly. The goal for everyone should be to do each movement unbroken every round. It’s intended to be a fast workout. Top performers should be able to get it done in around 6min.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The Thruster weight is set to moderately heavy. Scale the load as needed. The reps are set so that doing everything unbroken is well within most people’s reach.  Focus on big sets of regular Pullups.

Fitness: We have modified the Thruster to a DB Push Press here. Use this modification as you see fit. Find a load that you can do all reps unbroken. Same goes for the Ring Rows. If you are in between Ring Rows and Pullups,  perform Ring Pullups.


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