08/15/2016 Dead Run

Briana with great form on the weighted lunges last week.

Briana and Mary with great form on the weighted lunges last week.


Run 400m with Plate (25/15lbs)
24 Deadlift (225/155lbs)
Run 400m
3 Rounds

Shoulders get a little break today (other than stabilizing :-)). Running with objects can be pretty awkward, there is no real comfortable way to hold a plate.  Play around with a light plate in the warmup to see what works for you. Everyone is different! We put the regular 400m back-to-back (after the first round) with the Plate Run because it is really mentally challenging to go from running with nothing to picking up an object and running with it. This is what will really separate the scores.  Run extra hard during the regular 400m’s so that if you lose any time with the plate carry, it won’t slow down your overall time as much.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The load is set moderately heavy for the Deadlifts for 24 per round. Most people will need to break it up into a few sets. Others may be able to do the sets unbroken.

Fitness: Use a light plate for the carries, or use no plate to scale even further.  Aim for a Deadlift weight that you can maintain good technique with for 2-3 sets during each round. This means challenging yourself a little more than usual.


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