08/13/2016 Buddy WOD Saturday!

New member Lacey working on her weighted sit ups.

New CFS member Lacey working on her weighted sit ups.


In Partners:
4 Squat Clean (135/95lbs)
– each alternating
AMRAP 5min
7 Pullups – each alternating
AMRAP 5min
Rest 2min
2 Rounds

A Pull from the ground followed by a Pull Overhead. A great combination of movements. This one is done in Partners and the work is set for each person per 5min AMRAP. The loads for all categories should be so that a set of 4 can be done unbroken, or at least done consecutively, very quickly. Scale accordingly.  Keep the turnover time as short as possible when switching partners. The 5min will go pretty fast. Each person should be able to get two sets done within a minute if they are moving quickly. As the time goes on, expect it to be around 2-3 for both of you.

Partners should ideally match skill level, but sometimes that’s hard to achieve in a class, so if need be,  set up two Barbells per partnership if you require different loads.

Ideally, the Pullups should be done unbroken for the whole workout. Scale the reps down to 5 first and then scale the movement to Ring Pullups or Ring Rows. We like Ring Pullups, but the turnover time for those can be a little slow, so Ring Rows might work better for this workout. Try avoid using bands since they take too much time to get in and out of, unless there is enough room for the person to hang out in their band while their partner works.

Fitness: If you prefer, given the big Shoulder week, you can switch the Power Cleans to Front Squat, with a Barbell or Dumbbells. Otherwise, use the empty Barbell for the Power Cleans. Find a Ring Row version that 7 in a row will keep being challenging but doable for them for each 5min AMRAP.


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