Cesar working hard on the weighted lunges earlier in the week.

Cesar working hard on the weighted lunges earlier in the week.

A Note From Our Programmers-

“For the month of August, we are spending some extra, focused time on gymnastics movements during the Warmups. This does not mean there is more gymnastics than usual in the Workouts. Rather, we are using the Warmup as an opportunity to get some additional skill work in. Similar to July, when we rotated through different Shoulder Warmups, this month we will rotate through 3 ‘Gymnastics’ Warmups.

The first two are designed around getting warm using gymnastics drills and skills. They will challenge most athletes abilities, but people shouldn’t be standing around because they can’t perform the movements — scale them so that everyone is achieving something and also gaining the confidence they need to push themselves to try the next level.

The third is designed more around gymnastic skills practise. Rather than rushing through the movements, have them spend time on each section. Gymnastics is about controlling your body in space, and for most of us that means taking a few steps back to get forward. As CrossFitters, telling athletes to slow down and focus on the movement (even if it just pointing their toes) can be a hard sell. They are used to moving fast and keeping the pace ‘intense.’ Challenge them so that these warmups end up being ‘intense’ too.

Have them make notes (mental or on paper) about what they achieve each time they do certain movements so that they can aim to improve on those the next time. For some people that might mean by the end of the month they are performing a wall Handstand Hold, for others it might mean they are walking on their hands!”

Pat and Taz Barber, warmupandworkout.com


1min: KB Russian Swing 32/24kg
1min: Dble OH DB Hold (45/25lbs)
1min: Single Arm DB Snatch
1min: Rest
4 Rounds

This week is quite heavy on the Shoulders. Specifically, Overhead. Which is why the KB Swings are going to be Russian style today. It will take a little heat off the other two movements. Make sure you swing to eye level and not any lower. When you get tired, not quite getting high enough is the first thing that tends to happen. The static holds while fatigued become really challenging and even though it isn’t eliciting a highly intense stimulus, the overall benefits are really beneficial.

It is a total of 12min of work. Given the work/rest nature of this workout,  go hard for the three minutes of work since you have a 1min built-in rest time. Ideally, you should be working the whole time. There is no rest between movements, you switch stations on your call of a minute. Aim to hold the same amount of reps across all 4 rounds. A floating count of 5 either way per round is a good goal. Base it off the first round.

Beyond Rxd: We have increased the skill level for this category by having you perform a Double Kettle Bell Swing. This is also done as a Russian Swing. The OH Holds are performed with two Kettle Bells and the Snatches are done with one Kettle Bell.  Do one arm for one round and the other arm for the next round. Or, you can change arms whenever you like.

Rxd: The Swings are set on the heavy side since it is a Russian Swing.  The Hold Overhead should be pretty uncomfortable. What will limit a lot of you is your Overhead Range of Motion. To ensure you can maintain a good position, use Dumbbells that support that. Ideally the DB Single Arm Snatch load would be Rxd at 45/35 lbs. Perform them from the ground and in an alternating fashion.

Fitness: Scale all loads appropriately. If you are struggling with the Overhead position,  hold with one DB and switch at 30sec, or perform a plank instead.


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