Bday Boy Shad is all smiles during his WOD yesterday.

Bday Boy Shad is all smiles during his WOD yesterday.


30 Burpee Knees to Elbow
22 Clusters (155/115lbs)
26 Burpee Knees to Elbow
12 Clusters

A Heavy Gymnastics workout. The Burpee Knees to Elbows are performed by doing 1 Burpee, jump to bar into a Knees to Elbow. That = 1 rep. The bar height the athletes use should be at least a hand jump away. Meaning, there should be roughly a hand space between the bar and the tip of their fingers.

A Cluster = A Squat Clean into a Thruster. It’s basically a Thruster on ‘roids. 🙂

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The load is set Heavy. Only top performers will be able to string a few in a row, most people will be doing them one at a time. You shouldn’t take big breaks between the reps — 34 is a lot to get through in a short amount of time.  Try to preserve the Burpee to Jump stimulus as much as possible.

Fitness: You will need to use a Pullup station that you can jump your chin over. It might mean that you have a box under the Bar. This will also mean that 1 rep of Burpee + Jumping Pullup takes a little extra time. Move as fast as you can through it. We decided that for most people the Cluster can be quite a complex movement, so we want these to be modified it to a Power Clean to Overhead press (either Push Press or Push Jerk). This way you can go a little heavier without the risk of getting into bad positions.


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