Crystal prepping for her jerk.

Crystal prepping for her jerk.


100m Run
5 DB Ab Mat Situps (45/25lbs)
5 DB Front Rack Lunges (45/25lbs))
* Add 100m Run each Round
* Add 3 Reps each Round onto each exercise

This one is a nice, long grind-it-out type of workout. The reps are low at the start so it seems easy to plug through the rounds, until it gets to about the 20min mark — when everything starts to compound and you start getting fatigued.  Start with a nice, consistent pace and to hold it for the 30min. Starting off hard will not be the most efficient method for this workout, even though it will feel really tempting given the short rounds.

Beyond Rxd: It might be possible that some fast runners might get up to 8 rounds. That would be over 100 GHD Situps for the total workout.  The Dumbbells are set as light to moderate. The Lunges shouldn’t be a limiting factor, but they will add to the fatigue over time.

Rxd:  Use one Dumbbell held to your chest for the Situps.

Fitness: We made this a bodyweight workout for this category. We find that regular Lunges are challenging in themselves for most people. But you can add one DB to your Lunges if you want to increase the difficulty. If needed, decrease the working time to 20min for those of you that are new!

Don’t forget Shad’s Bday Dinner at the Peppery at 6:30 pm tonight!


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