08/08/2016 Snatch and Finisher



Squat Snatch 5-3-1 + Optional Finisher

You can use this as a 5rep, 3rep and 1rep Squat Snatch Benchmark day. We have added some EMOM work during the Workout Prep to give you some more time under load and to help work up to what you want to shoot for during your sets. Technically, you should only be going for 1 attempt at each set, but if you like, you could give each set a few attempts if you either miss a lift or if you go too light.  You shouldn’t go too light given the extensive warmup.

Fitness: You can choose to use this session to get some more time under the Barbell with higher reps, or you can challenge yourself to find a heavy set of 5. This will vary depending on your skill level. For the Workout Prep portion, keep your reps at 5 EMOM so you can continue to practice at lighter loads. Add a small amount every few minutes rather than every minute.

Optional Finisher

CrossFit Games 2016 Event 10 – 100%

40 Box Jump Overs (30/24″)

20 D-Ball Over the Shoulders (150/100lbs) – Modify to 40 D-Ball Slams with a heavy Ball.

****Don’t forget Shad’s 40th Bday dinner on Tuesday Night August 9th, at 6:30pm at the Peppery****


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