Nic assisting Nikki on her sled pushes.

Nic assisting Nikki on her sled pushes.


2 Hang Power Clean
Rest 1min
4 Jerk
Rest 1min
6 Back Squat
Rest 2min
4 Rounds

Heavy day with a twist! We love this workout because it combines lifting heavy with multiple lifts using a built in rest, giving it a metcon-ish feel. Use the warm up to play around with loads and where you want to start. This will be slightly soul crushing done as directed.

Partner up or work in groups.  You will need to use a rack for the Back Squats and Jerk plus another Barbell for the Cleans. You can file in when person 1 is on their rest time for the Cleans.  You will need to help each other with switching out the weights in time for when it is the next person’s turn to lift. An easy way to keep track is to switch the weights as soon as they perform their lifts.

If your rest time goes a little over, don’t worry too much about it. It isn’t a hard rest time, more of a suggestion. However, if possible, keep the rest times during the rounds as close to 1min as possible and if needed, increase the rest time at the end of each round if you need more recovery time.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: All lifts and rounds should be as HEAVY as you can lift with good technique. Each movement needs to be done unbroken for the given reps.  You can add a little weight each round, OR you can start off with what you think you can complete for all 4 rounds and aim to hold it.

Fitness: Don’t worry so much about the load you are lifting, rather that you are doing it well. Unless you are capable of course. If you want you can increase your reps and keep the load light so you get some volume/practice under your belt with a Barbell.


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