07/29/2016 Don’t Miss the Lake WOD Tomorrow at 9 am!

The lovely ladies of CFS enjoying a post workout cocktail.

The lovely ladies of CFS enjoying a post workout cocktail.


50 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
40 Weighted Pistols
30 Squat Snatch (95/65lbs)

Each movement acts like a little layer that builds on top of the next one in terms of fatigue. 50 Wall Balls is just enough to make the Pistols and Overhead position a little spicy and then lastly adding on to the light-ish Squat Snatch, making them feel a little harder than they normally would!

Your shoulders may be a little sore from yesterday, make sure they are warm before they start the workout. The volume isn’t too crazy today, so they should be fine.

Beyond Rxd: The Overhead Pistol doesn’t come up a lot, but it is a great skill to learn and know, for you athletes it if it ever came up in a competition. Perform them alternating legs. You should be able to do a few in a row without losing your balance or failing. Otherwise 40 will take a very long time. Small sets are ok, as long as you are consistent and you don’t fail constantly. Avoid bad positions through the shoulders and back during this movement.

You should aim to do the Squat Snatches in sets of 5-10 to get through them as fast as you can.

Rxd: We want you guys to challenge your pistols with a little load. Use a KB or DB. Practice what you think you will be capable of in the Workout Prep piece. If you can only perform a few in a row with the load, that’s okay, just as long as you are stable enough to be able to keep performing that number. Same guidelines as Beyond Rxd.  Option to perform regular Pistols, or perform 50 Weighted Walking Lunges with one Light DB held to your chest. We kept the same weight for the Squat Snatch as Beyond Rxd. This should still be light enough so that you can get sets of 3-5 unbroken.

Fitness: As it is written, it looks a little light on the volume. If you want to add a little load to the Lunges and more than usual to the Power Snatch, it will turn it into a spicy little workout. Adjust these numbers as you need to.


Location: Don and Christina’s House 1133 Shoreline Court, Connor Estates, Lake Tulloch

Gate Code: Push 022 which will ring the house and we will open the gate.

Walk around to the left side of the house to get to the lower deck.

***Please NO GLASS BOTTLES on deck, dock or in the water…Plastic cups will be provided.

***Bring a potluck dish to share and whatever you’d like to drink! We will have bottled water!

***Bring your life vest/personal floatation device if you have one. Everyone will be asked to wear it during the WOD. FLOATIES OPTIONAL! Floating rafts, tubes, air mattresses included. This is especially important for the kids!!

***Bring sunscreen, a smile and your fun ENERGY!!

New CFS members and family members are welcome to attend.  There will be plenty of scaling options available!!


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