07/28/2016 Get Ready for the 4TH Annual CFS Lake WOD this Saturday 7/30!

Don paddles furiously during last year's Annual Lake WOD.

Don paddles furiously during last year’s Annual Lake WOD.  This year marks our FOURTH year of the swim, paddle, gymnastics style workout.  With lots of food and drink to follow!


100m Farmers Carry (45/25lbs)
10 Burpee Box Jumps (20”)
AMRAP 20min

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The Farmers Carry is not intended to be very heavy. Ideally, use Dumbbells.  You should be able to perform the 100m each round unbroken. We want it to fatigue the shoulders a little before performing the HSPU and Burpees and have you breathing a little hard.  You can walk or run it. The HSPU can be done Kipping and the reps are set so that top performers are able to get them done unbroken each round.  We set the Box Jump height the same for men and women for this workout. If there are some Rxd men that want more than the 20” Box Jump, increase the height.

Fitness: Choose your Farmers Carry load based on the same guidelines as above. Use plates or a low box for the Burpee Step Ups if needed.  We encourage you to keep moving as consistently as possible for the full 20min.

*******CFS 4th Annual LAKE WOD DETAILS 9 am SHARP********

Location: Don and Christina’s House 1133 Shoreline Court, Connor Estates, Lake Tulloch

Gate Code:  Push 022 which will ring the house and we will open the gate.

Walk around to the left side of the house to get to the lower deck.

***Please NO GLASS BOTTLES on deck, dock or in the water…Plastic cups will be provided.

***Bring a potluck dish to share and whatever you’d like to drink!  We will have bottled water!

***Bring your life vest/personal floatation device if you have one.  Everyone will be asked to wear it during the WOD.  FLOATIES OPTIONAL!  Floating rafts, tubes, air mattresses included.  This is especially important for the kids!!

***Bring sunscreen, a smile and your fun ENERGY!!

Fast and furious paddle boarding going down last year.

Fast and furious paddle boarding going down last year.


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