Saturday's Post Team WOD Shenanigans

Saturday’s Post Team WOD Shenanigans


Run 800m
12 Muscle Ups
2 Rounds

Sometimes workouts like this can be a little discouraging for those people who don’t have Muscle Ups, or only have a few before they fail. Instead of making the modification a transitional Muscle Up of Jumping Chest to Bar Pullup for you athletes, work to find a modification that helps you work on your Muscle Up ‘sticking point’. If it is your pulling power, modify to 30 Chest to Bar Pullups per round. If you have trouble with the Dip portion, modify to 30 Dips per round. Or, do a combo of both; 15 Chest to Bar Pullups + 15 Dips. If you are stuck technically, then modify to the Box Muscle Ups . This is a great modification/progression to work for the right position.

We are allowing 10min per round. This is a generous amount of time and most people who are proficient in the Muscle Up will be able to go a little faster. Scale the reps and movements accordingly so that you are set up for success and not staring at the rings!

Emphasis on running hard on this workout! We challenge you to work on running straight into the gym and getting a big first set of Muscle Ups without taking any rest. Your arms are fresh, they just feel like they need to recover first before jumping up, but they really don’t.

Fitness:  We want to keep your intensity high so choose to stick with 400m runs rather than 800m. Scale the Jumping Chest to Bar Pullups to regular Jumping Pullups if needed. Add an additional round to increase volume if needed.


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