Ann with a legit "knees out" position in the front squat.

Ann with a legit “knees out” position in the front squat.


3 Split Squats (each side)
Every 2min for 6min
6 Split Squats (each side)
Every 2min for 6min
9 Split Squats (each side)
Every 2min for 6min

You will need to spend a little bit of time working up to your heavy set of 3 starting weight in the Warmup. We would like you to be able to hold that heavy load for the 3 x 3 sets. After each 6min, you will reduce the load slightly. It still needs to be challenging for 6 each side, so probably no more than 10-20lb change. Same goes for the sets of 9. However, at this point the accumulative effects of fatigue will have caught up with you so your last 3 sets might drop at a higher percentage than your second 3 sets.

Make sure you are aware that you won’t get a lot of rest in your last 3 sets, since 18 reps will take a good chunk of the 2min.

**We like to suggest that you start with your ‘weaker’ leg as the back leg. This way you are fresh while you are using it and don’t get pulled out of position too much. Then, when you are fatigued and have to switch legs, your stronger leg can handle a little bit more fatigue. People will usually automatically put their strong leg back first.  Make sure you play around with it.

Fitness: It is quite a big dose of Split Squats today, so if you are new to the movement or new in general, then work with Dumbbells and work up in weight over the whole workout. This means you start nice and easy and as your body gets used to being balanced in this position you can add more load.  If you want it to be more about conditioning, then do 6 reps each leg, and if you think you can be challenged a bit more with weight, then do 3 each leg.


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