07/23/2016 TEAM WOD!

JD catches some air on the max height box jump.

JD catches some air on his max height box jump.


In Teams of 3:
1. Accumulate as many pounds lifted as possible of Squat Clean and Jerk in 10 minutes.

2. Then accumulate as many metres as possible with a Prowler push in 10 minutes.

Divide up into teams of 3. You can be any configuration of Male/Female and skill level. This is a great workout to divide up into DIFFERENT levels of fitness!  Grab some new partners! Perhaps— one Beyond Rxd, one Rxd and one Fitness person per team.

You can use two Barbells per team for the Clean and Jerks,  and one Prowler or sled.
If we have several teams, then some teams start on the Clean and Jerks and some teams start on the Prowlers.

Teammates each have 3 x 3 attempts at the clean and jerk. The sets of 3 need to be done unbroken (touch and go) for them to be counted. If you fail a set, you get zero for that set. It needs to be a Squat Clean for the Beyond Rxd and Rxd category and a Power Clean is accepted for the Fitness Category. You can use a Push Jerk or Split Jerk. You can choose to lift all 3 sets at the same load to be safe, or choose to increase each set and take a few risks.  Consult with your team mates!

There is no order you need to perform the sets in, but you can only have two people lifting at once. The barbells need to start with no weight on them. Time is pretty tight, so make sure you have a plan before you start!

Score = Total weight lifted for all teammates for the lifts (add up all three lifts for each athlete).

Scoring Example:  If person one lifts 100lbs for all three sets of 3 reps, their score is 300lbs. If person 2 lifts 135lbs + 145lbs and attempts 155lbs but fails on rep 2, their score is 280lbs. If person 3 lifts 200lbs for all three sets of 3 reps, their score is 600lbs. The teams score = 300lbs + 280lbs + 600lbs.

For the Prowler portion, the coach will set the load.   You can have whatever configuration of people pushing the prowler at any one time. You could have all 3, or just 2, or even just 1. Whatever you feel maximizes your work to rest ratio the best is probably going to be the best method.

Your score is how far you travel in meters over the 10min.

Final Score is total lbs lifted plus total meters pushed.


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