07/22/2016 Johnny 232-In Loving Memory


IN LOVING MEMORY Marine Captain John T. Berger December 10th, 1974-July 22nd, 2003

Today we honor another one of our very own local heroes, friends and family members. Capt. John T. Berger, pilot, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 232, was one of 6 kids in the Berger family.  He grew up in Sonora and graduated from Sonora High Schoool in 1994, then went to Aeronautical Engineering school at Emery Riddle in Arizona, where he got his flight slot from the U.S. Marines.

John flew the single seated FA-18 hornet for the Red Devils 232 out of Miramar, CA.  He flew one tour in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  The American flag that hangs above  the Armed Forces flags in our gym, was flown by John during his tour.  It is one of the two American flags hanging in the gym that holds very special meaning.   CFS member Jeff Berger, John’s brother, is able to be greeted first thing every morning by his brother’s flag. John came back to the states in May 2003, and was doing what he loved-flying the F/A-18 Hornet while serving his country, when his plane went down over the Mojave Desert.  During a routine training flight over Marine Corps Base 29 Palms, Berger’s single-seat F/A-18C crashed late in the evening July 22, 2003.

John loved life and every moment of every day.  He had such a natural ability to warm up a room with his smile and you always knew you were in great company when he was around.  His favorite saying was “Hammer Down”.  He is survived by his parents, Paul and Kathy Berger of Sonora; sisters Kim Hocking and Cinthia Berger of Long Beach and Jillian Berger of Sonora; and brothers, Jeff and Dave, of Sonora, and his wife, Jill.

Today every class at CFS, along with a few of John’s family members, will celebrate John’s life and legacy with our very own CFS Hero WOD, written by his brother, Jeff.


Johnny 232

1 mile run

23 thrusters (95/65 lbs)

32 pullups

232 meter row

32 wall balls

23 burpees

232 meter row

232 double unders

1 mile run

**optional 20 lb weight vest or pack during the RUN portion




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