07/19/2016 Thruster Heaven (or Hell?)


Part 1: Thruster 1RM

Part 2: Thruster Ladder @ 70% 1RM
Add 1 Thruster every minute for 15 minutes


John and Sarah during our last OHS workout. Look at those active shoulders! 😉

For the 1RM, the Thruster can be taken from a rack. For Part 2, the Thruster needs to be taken from the ground.  You can Cluster the first rep when they take it off the ground if they want to.

The goal should be to make the Ladder for 15min. If you fail before 10min, decrease the weight and join in on the next minute. OR, keep the same weight and hold a number that you know they can sustain for the remaining 4-5min.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: Make sure you aren’t over extending when the weight starts to get heavy for the 1RM. Use the 70% measurement as a rough guideline when deciding what weight to use for Part 2. Basically, the load should feel moderately heavy and you should start to feel it after minute 6 or 7. Meaning, you can no longer do the amount of reps unbroken.

Fitness: You can also choose to focus on the Push Press today. The Thruster has the potential to put people in poor positions if they lack mobility and awareness.  If that’s you, then judge accordingly or your trainer can help you decide!  Part 2 is a great opportunity for the to use a lighter load and grease the groove of the movement. If the load is really light for you, you can always do double reps each minute. Start with 2 and add 2 each round!


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