07/18/2016 Jump, Pull, Run!

Fitness is a family affair for the McDonalds!

Fitness is a family affair for the McDonalds!


25 Double Unders
15 Pullups
7 Rounds
** Every 2min you perform 8 x shuttle runs

1 Shuttle = 1 x 20m Shuttle (touch the ground). So 4 x there and back = 8 Shuttle Runs.

The actual workout itself shouldn’t take that long. It is those pesky Shuttle Runs in between that will slow you down. 2 min will come really quickly when you start to get tired. The workout starts with the Double Unders, so make sure you utilize those first 2min where you don’t have any running to do!

Beyond Rxd: You have 8 rounds to do AND Chest to Bar Pullups.  You should be able to get at least 2+ rounds knocked out in that first 2min, then you just need to hang on for the remaining 6! The Shuttle Runs shouldn’t take longer than 50sec.

Rxd: If you struggle with Double Unders, for this workout, modify to Plate Fast Feet.  You need to be getting through those fast, otherwise you will be spending your whole workout running. The Pullups should be able to be done in 1 or 2 sets each round, 3 at the most after a few rounds.

Fitness: Scale everything as needed so that you can get at least 2 rounds in the first 2min. The workout isn’t intended for people to only do a few reps between the shuttles.  You should get at least one round between each Shuttle Run checkpoint. If you are taking over a minute to do the Shuttle Runs, scale them down to 4 on the spot.


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