07/14/2016 Heavy Day!

Camille working on deadlift prep.

Camille working on deadlift prep.


Front Squat

Heavy Day! There is also an optional, feisty little finisher at the end of the workout if you have time or want a little extra dose. Beware — it is deceivingly hard.

Beyond Rxd: We want you to do something a little different today. If you have never done a Zercher Squat, now is your opportunity! The Zercher can be a little uncomfortable and will pull your body into a different position than the Front Squat, and you won’t be able to lift as much. Don’t worry too much about that though, because this is great training for lifting odd objects and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Rather than trying to go really heavy with these today, use the 5 sets to work up to a heavy 5 Rep within the last two sets. If you are comfortable with this lift, push a little harder in the earlier sets.

Rxd: Use the Workout Prep piece of the session to get to your starting weight. The first three reps should feel ok, then the last two should feel heavy and be a struggle! We want everyone lifting really heavy across all 5 sets. This gives you more time under a heavy load within the session, which means better strength gains in the long run. With workouts like these, you shouldn’t be hitting your true 5 rep Max. Instead, you should be hovering somewhere just below it. If you’re hitting it for all 5 sets, then it is probably no longer your true 5rep Max. :-0.

Fitness: Have a similar approach as the Rxd Category, but be a little more cautious with how your technique is looking and whether it starts to breakdown when it gets heavier. Keeping those elbows high and knees driving out are the biggest violators to look for with our newer athletes.


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