Tami working on her Sumo Deadlift.


8 DB 24/20″ Step-ups (55/35lbs)
8 DB Deadlifts
8 Toes to Bar
AMRAP 5min
Rest 1min
3 Rounds

For the Step-ups, it is 8 total reps, so 4 each leg.  You need to perform them alternating. Hold the Dumbbells by your side. The DB Deadlift is done with a pair of Dumbbells (1 each side of the body).

It is 15min of total work with mandatory rest built in.  Work hard for that 5min, since you get rest. 🙂 Work/Rest is an easy way to push yourself a bit harder with increased intensity levels.

Beyond Rxd: The Step-ups are going to be pretty high/awkward and heavy for you guys, which is ok. The 10 reps will take the longest out of the 3 movements, but you should be able to race through the Deadlifts and the Toes to Bar no problem.  You should aim to get through 3 rounds for each 5min AMRAP.

Rxd:  Also aim for at least 3 rounds every 5min, so that means getting through it pretty quickly.

Fitness: We would rather see you do Unweighted Box Step-ups with a little more height instead of Weighted Plate Step-ups. So drop the Dumbbells if needed. Scale to Lying Toes to Bar or regular Abmat Situps if you are unable to get into that position. If you have trouble with mobility in the Deadlifts, put a plate on both sides of your feet and tap the plates with your dumbbells, instead of going all the way down to the ground.

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