07/11/2016 Lake WOD is July 30th at 9 AM!

Mark your calendars for the CFS Annual Lake WOD at Don and Christina’s Lake Tulloch home.  Each year we have an awesome time getting together for something a little different!  Yoga warm up with Kim-Mountain Om Yoga, swimming, paddle boarding and cocktails will be incorporated into a fun filled workout for everyone!  Saturday, July 30th, 2016 at 9 am.  This will be a brunch potluck, so bring something yummy to share with your WODies.  You will not be judged by your swimming capability, but you will be judged by your potluck dish!  Just kidding…but seriously.  This is family style, so kids are welcome.  Think about bringing their flotation devices, or life jackets for some water activities.  Stay tuned for more information like directions, gate codes etc. as we get closer to the date!


Val hitting a PR on her latest back squat.


Heavy Power Clean (185/135lbs)
Strict HSPU

For most people, this workout will be more about Strength Endurance than Cardiorespiratory Capacity.  You will probably fail due to muscular fatigue before you need to rest due to lack of oxygen.  This is ok, as long as you aren’t standing around for too long between sets!

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The Power Clean should be a really challenging load for these two categories.  You might be able to get the first round done unbroken, but after that you will probably need to break the sets up into twos or threes. Same goes for the HSPU — most people will find these pretty hard (apart from the odd HSPU Ninja!) and will need to break them up from round 1.  Kipping isn’t an option today.  We are working on strength!

Fitness: The reps are low so do a Power Clean load you are challenged by. If you still don’t quite have the technical ability, then keep it light but double the amount of reps.


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