Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!


4 x Tabata Air Squats
4 x Tabata Squat Hold
4 x Tabata Ring Dip
4 x Tabata Ring Dip Hold
4 x Tabata Hip Extensions
4 x Tabata Superman Hold

Perform 4 sets (20sec-on/10sec-off) of Tabata Air Squats straight into 4 sets of Squat Hold and so on for a total of 24 Tabata Sets (3 Full Tabata Rounds). There is no rest in between movements.

Score = Squats total reps + Ring Dip total reps + Hip Extension/Good Morning total reps.

* Caveat: See the different categories for penalties.

We encourage you to find a number/pace you can hold across all 4 sets for the movements rather than blowing out the first round and then dying for the remaining 3 sets.

For the Squat Hold, everyone must hold an active position at the bottom. No collapsing in the lower back.

Beyond Rxd: For the Ring Dip Hold, you hold the top position of the Ring Dip.  Your feet can be in any position they like (hanging/L/tuck etc). For the Superman Hold, it is performed on the GHD with your body supine and perpendicular to the ground. Arms out in front.

* If for some reason you need to come out of a hold at any time during the 20sec, you get a 3 rep penalty deduction. Take away 3 reps from your total score every time you need to rest.

Rxd: The movement positions are the same as Beyond Rxd, the only difference being the Superman Hold. They can have their arms in any position (by the side/on their head/crossed etc).

To scale the GHD Superman Hold,  perform a Superman on the ground with arms out front and feet off the ground.

* penalty is a 1 rep penalty deduction. Take away 1 rep from their total score every time they need to rest.

Fitness: For the Box Dip, if you have trouble with these, modify them to Elevated Pushups. The Good Mornings are intended to be done without load, but if you want to hold on to a small plate or ball, that’s cool too!

* There is no penalty for resting during the holds. If you need to come out of them, just get back into it as soon as they can.


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