07/02/2016 9AM CLASS ONLY ON MONDAY! Happy 4th!

untitledOur focus this month is on shoulders. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we are going to do back-to-back Frans or Helens! Instead, we are going to dedicate a little extra time during warm-ups to help pre-hab shoulders with some accessory work and mobility.  Shoulder flare-ups are pretty common amongst us CrossFitters and they usually stem from a past sporting injury that wasn’t rehabilitated or used correctly post incident/surgery. In most cases, performing CrossFit will help correct these issues over time and people will regain that movement or functionality without pain.  To help identify and track issues, we set up a few ‘shoulder complex warm-ups’ that include dynamic mobility, stability and strength components that you will perform regularly over the course of July (similar to the Squat Warm-up we created a few months back). Be sure to keep track of your warm-ups to see if you feel any improvement in a particular area or an increase in strength through your shoulder stability.  Let us know how it goes!


Pat and Taz Barber, warmupandworkout.com



OH Squat (115/75lbs)

Rest 5min

Power Snatch (115/75lbs)

Focus on intensity more so than usual today. This means, taking minimal rest; you have a fixed 5min break in between met-cons. To do this, you need to know how to pace your workouts better and to scale appropriately. If you do the first workout in a blazing time, but fail to complete the second workout due to exhaustion, then you have not achieved the goal.

Everyone should use a weight that allows you to do all the sets of OH Squats unbroken. For the Power Snatch, you will probably need to break it up into two or three sets for the first round and two sets for the last 2 rounds. If you start fatiguing during the burpees, make sure you DO NOT stop. Stepping back, lying down and stepping up doesn’t require a lot of energy and you can do this while you recover. It might even be faster for some of you.

*Caveat: If you are new, injured or taking it easy for some reason, we won’t drill you with the intensity speech, just do what you can, and work within your own relative intensity.

Fitness: use a PVC if your Range of Motion is limited on the OH Squats. Otherwise, you could perform weighted Back Squats for a heavier stimulus.






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