07/01/2016 Happy July!

We will have a 9am workout only on Monday, July 4th!  Celebrate our nation’s Independence with a workout with your buddies, prior to your festivities!!

Summer is here, are you getting your workouts in regularly??  Now is a great time to focus on getting back to the gym.  Kid schedules generally slow down a bit and the days are longer, allowing you a little more time to get back into the swing of things.  If you’re vacationing, don’t forget, there are many workout options available online that you can do with little or no equipment.  OR you can visit another CrossFit affiliate!!  Whatever you do, make health and fitness just as much a priority, as any other time of year.

"Inhale confidence, exhale doubt."

“Inhale confidence, exhale doubt.”


Max Pushups–2 attempts

1 Rep Max Back Squat–4-5 max attempts.  Rest 3-4 minutes between attempts to allow for full recovery.

Lots of hip mobility and prep work to do before finding your 1 rep max…

We like the Pushup, because like the Pullup, it is another simple gymnastics movement that reflects strength and stamina produced by our own bodyweight.

The Back Squat is a pinnacle of our single modality weightlifting tests. It is imperative to know your one rep max!  Strength in this lift serves as the base to many other lifts and lays the foundation for the ability to increase your submaximal loads over multiple reps.

Ideally you want to test the High Bar Back Squat, but if some people are used to performing Low Bar back squats, that’s ok too. If you don’t know the difference, then stick with High Bar, as that is most likely what you have been doing.

We will use the warm up mainly to work on squat positioning and make sure you are moving well. People will fatigue fast in the pushups so we won’t overdo the reps in the warmup.

Check out the Fitness level Chart for target reps and weights, located on the clipboard at the front of the gym.


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