06/29/2016 Bear Complex and Competitor Programming

Sarah addressing the Clean Set Up Position.

Sarah addressing the Clean Set Up Position.


Are you looking for more volume and work capacity?? Are you performing at least 90% of your WODs RX’d? If the answer is YES, then our WUWO Competitor Programming by Pat Barber may be the answer you’re looking for! Join Coach John Slater on TUES and THURS mornings at 5 am, and a TBA 3rd weekly session to build volume, maximal strength, and master higher level skills than in the General Physical Preparedness CrossFit classes alone. These athletes would be taking training seriously and keeping a log book of all their numbers (which really is the best tool for quickly identifying retrograde performance). Athletes are responsible for coming in and performing the workouts on their own, with little guidance, thus it’s imperative that you already have CF knowledge and strong foundational movements and are performing the majority of your workouts as prescribed. This Competitor program is designed for those who want to go harder just for the fun of it, or would like to participate in competitions. It will complement our current programming with additional skill work, strength and volume. If you are not currently prescribing 90% of your workouts, then your goal should be to improve to that level prior to thinking about the Competitor Program. Cost is $20/month (or included with Unlimited membership). Contact Coach John Slater (209) 614-3581 for more information and to sign up!!


5 Bear Complex (135/95lbs)
Deadlift, HPC, FS, PP, BS, PJ
800m Run
5 Bear Complex
400m Run
5 Bear Complex
200m Run

This is always a fun one!  The ‘Bear Complex’ consists of five movements done in one unbroken set: Hang Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Press + Back Squat + Push Jerk (from behind the neck). This is considered 1 rep of the Complex. For the workout, you need to go through the complex 5 times each round.

For today we want everyone to perform the movements as written. Meaning, the Front Squat/Push Press needs to be separate movements rather than it being combined as a thruster. Same with the Back Squat/Push Jerk. The Jerk needs to be a Jerk from behind the neck.

Remember to consider safety when lowering the bar onto the back after the Push Press. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, you can substitute the Back Squat for another Front Squat.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The load is set to moderately heavy. You should be able to perform at least 3 + reps of the Complex unbroken in your first round, but ideally all 5 reps would be great.

Fitness: We took out the Back Squat so you don’t have to worry about racking it on to your back if that bothers you. Using an empty Barbell or Trainer Barbell may be enough weight for you.  Scale the load appropriately. If it is still uncomfortable, modify to a light set of Dumbbells.  Dumbbells can be less intimidating for our newer folks.


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