Ali setting up for the jerk.

Ali setting up for the jerk.


Part 1:
Press 5-3-1

Part 2:
3 Press @ 5rep load
5 Toes to Bar
5 Rounds

Shoulders are going to be a little fried after the last few days. Make sure you ease into the warmup and spend some time getting the shoulders feeling loose and good again.

Not a lot to brief for Part 1, make sure you are maxing out each set. This usually isn’t too hard to do with the Press since it is such a highly fatigable movement.

Part 2 Beyond Rxd and Rxd: A quick little finisher for today. The Press should be really heavy for 3 reps.  You should be able to do at least the first 3 sets unbroken.  Aim to use the weight you used for your heavy set of 5 in Part 1. If you don’t think you can maintain that for 5-6 rounds, then scale the weight accordingly.

Use Lying Toes to Bar as a scale for the Toes to Bar.

We won’t really be focusing on the Toes to Bar in the warmup, so you won’t really have an opportunity to practice these much today.  You either know you have them, or you don’t.

Part 2 Fitness: Choose a weight that you can lift for 3 reps each round no problem. The first set should look pretty easy, since you will most likely fatigue relatively fast on these after a few rounds.

Watch yourself and keep from doing a little dip when you get tired. It can be hard to avoid and sometimes you don’t even know you are doing it. 🙂

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