06/17/2016 Pinecrest Lake Tomorrow!!



Odd Minute
14 Front Rack Dble KB Lunges (16/12kgs)
Even Minute
45sec Iron Cross Hold with load

This is going to be a pretty uncomfortable workout. The KB’s in that Front Rack position feel really awkward, which is why this is such a great workout! However, because of this, make sure you scale appropriately from the start, otherwise you might be tempted to go lighter after a few rounds. (Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just always better to stick to what you chose).

The goal is to be able to have at least 10sec rest after the KB Lunges. So if you are taking longer than that in the practice warm up round, then scale back the load first, then the reps. It will probably be easier to have you do the lunges on the spot to minimize any collisions, but we will see what sort of space we have…our classes have been FULL lately!!

For the Iron Cross, ideally we want you to use the same KB’s here that you are using for your Lunges, BUT we don’t think that will be possible for anybody for 45sec. This is really hard to do. Use the warmup round to practice what weight you can handle. For some, it might be a couple of 5lb plates, or even just holding their arms out by their side without any load will be challenging. If you need to come down from the hold, just make sure you go right back up and don’t rest too long.

Fitness: use a set of Dumbbells that you can perform all 10 lunges in a row without any problems.  Sub side planks for the iron cross hold.  Perform the side plank either on your elbows or on your hand depending on your ability.


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