06/14/2016 Outcast Benchmark WOD


Tami looking exceptionally strong during her Sumo Deadlift Strength WOD last week. For women, strength training and weight bearing exercise helps combat osteoporosis as we maximize our bone density.

Benchmark Workout-Last performed in January 2016, during Fitness Testing

5 Power Cleans (155/115lbs)‰
8 Pull-ups
30 Double Unders
AMRAP 16min

A great simple ‘CrossFit’ Triplet. Nothing fancy, just a lot of hard work. The weight is prescribed as moderately heavy. The reps are prescribed so that people can keep moving at a consistent pace and nothing should be needed to be broken up for all categories.

Check out the Fitness Levels Chart for additional Levels/Scales and target rounds.  They can be found on the clipboard at the front of the gym.

********Don’t miss the Pinecrest Hike this Saturday with Coach Jenn!  This will be in place of the regular Saturday class.  Grab the kids, dogs and bring some snacks for a hike around Pinecrest Lake.  Some people will also be hiking to Cleo’s Bath!  Get out of the gym for some nature and fresh air!  Meet at the gym at 9am to caravan up to Pinecrest.


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