Welcome new CFS member Nikki!

Welcome new CFS member Nikki!


3min Wall Ball (20/14lbs)
2min Pistols
1min Parallete Pass Throughs (video)
3 Rounds

Happy Monday! Last week, you may have found, was a bit Lower Back dominant. This week is too. 🙂 Nothing to be too concerned about, just be aware of it and assess how you are feeling over the coming week. We will do our best to incorporate good mobility/stretching and accessory movement stuff in the warm ups to ensure good movement through this area.

The workout today has no rest built into it, which is going to make it really spicy after round 1. Especially going from the Pass Throughs to the Wall Balls.

For the Pistols, alternate legs after each rep.

For the Pass Throughs, forward + backward = 1 rep.

There are some great scaling options for the Pistols. Your coaches will be able to assist you with how to properly scale those for your ability level.  To scale the Pass Through, we will have people use higher surfaces for their hands to allow room for the feet to jump through.

Fitness: Using Pistol scales are great, but if you are so far away from being able to support your body weight on one leg, then we end up losing the desired stimulus.  Instead, focus on a different one legged movement like the Lunge or even a Bulgarian Squat (one foot on a bench and Lunge down) and build up strength here first.

LAKE WOD REMINDER: Save the date for Saturday, July 30th, 2016 for our lake workout at Tulloch.  More details to follow!


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