06/11/2016 Team WOD Saturday!

"Children learn what they live."-Unknown Neil works out under the watchful eye of his son, Auggie.

“Children learn what they live.”-Unknown
Neil works out under the watchful eye of his son, Auggie.


10-10-10 Snatches, 95/65lb
8-8-8 Snatches, 115/75lb
6-6-6 Snatches, 135/85lb
4-4-4 Snatches, 155/105lb
2-2-2 Snatches, 175/115lb

Awesome job to those who completed yesterday’s Benchmark WOD “Pain Optional”.  Those front squats got HEAVY!  We had some pretty amazing “firsts” yesterday too!  The Don became our movement demo king, Chance got his first muscle up, and Jamie got her first kipping pull-ups!  CFS is so proud!

Today’s workout is so great! The prescribed weights used for the Teams are like nothing we have ever seen before, but people continue to push the standards out there of what is heavy! For most of us those loads are still heavy…like… really heavy! The Snatch, because it is such a technical lift, can be a really mental lift to succeed at over and over again, especially when fatigued. This workout challenges so many different facets of fitness!

The Snatches are prescribed as Squat Snatches.  Each team member performs the prescribed reps before moving on to the next station, where the reps decrease and the load increases. If people start failing early, we will decrease the load by 5lbs increments and finish off with that weight.

Rxd: We reduced the loads a lot and increased the volume. Usually we see people having an issue with their 1RM rather than being able to rep out a moderate load.  Challenge yourselves even if you think you can only lift one or two at the heaviest weight, at least give it a try.

Fitness:  scale the loads as needed.  Some may want to keep the same weight across all sets.  Fitness category can also perform power snatches if the squat snatch proves to be too technical or if you aren’t moving particularly well today!


As much as possible, group into teams of three that will be lifting the same. If this isn’t possible, then you can change weights each round.

So, while one person reps out the Snatches, the other rests and the third team member holds a plate over their head. They switch as often as they need to, but the person working on snatches can only do so when the plate is being held overhead. Use a plate that you can hold overhead easily for 15sec and the weight for the movements should be light enough so that each person can get up to 10 reps unbroken.


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