06/10/2016 Pain Optional

Tim at the top of his SDHP. Strong work Doc!

Tim at the top of his Sumo Deadlift. Strong work Doc!


Benchmark Workout

Pain Optional
EMOM 12min
3 Front Squat (185/125lbs)
AMRAP Ring Dip for the remaining minute

This is one of the ‘tougher’ Benchmark Workouts. It is designed to test athletes ability to lift a heavy load for multiple reps followed by performing multiple reps of a highly skilled gymnastics movement. The scaled versions all have a similar focus.

The Front Squat needs to be taken from the ground. You may not squat clean the first one.

Beyond Rxd: The limiting factor for each athlete is going to be different which is what makes this a great workout, and also opens up a lot of room for improvement when you repeat it. For some people the squats might not be that limiting, but they only have a few muscle-ups each round. For others, the squat will be really challenging but they may be able to perform unlimited muscle ups per round. Either way it should be challenging.

Rxd and Fitness: The load and/or ring dips may still be quite challenging for some athletes to achieve. If you need to modify it further somehow because you are between scalings, that is fine, but this benchmark would just not be used in your overall chart.  Fitness testing charts can be found at the front of the gym.  Ask a trainer.

Another option, if you are in between scalings, is to go to the scaling below and get a really kick ass score, so that next time you can either have something to repeat, or you can go up a scale…

The Ring Dips are intended to be done without bands.

For the Box Pushups, use a 20” box to place your hands on. This provides a good standard across the board so we know everyone is performing the same scale. If you need to go higher, make sure you record the height of the box you used so you can either repeat it next time or go up in your modification.


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