40 Double Unders
100m 1 Arm Farmers Carry 55/35 DB’s
200m Run
AMRAP 20min

Michelle is super stoked about this workout!

Michelle is super stoked about this workout!

The Single Armed Farmers Carry makes this workout pretty interesting. It seems like an easy movement, but it gets awkward pretty quickly, and lights up the hip flexors! We have used part of the warm up to see how heavy you can go for 100m using 1 arm.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The Dumbbell weight is set to moderate.  Play around a bit in the warm up with the loads and see how you feel after doing a few efforts.  Try to get to a load where you don’t need to put it down during the 100m, apart from having to change arms.

The goal is to run hard during this AMRAP, rather than using it as a transitional rest period, which is really hard to do, especially since you will be running in to complete a big set of Double Unders.  We challenge you to keep the running portion, at a hard pace.

Fitness: go with regular Farmers Walk if the 1 Arm is really awkward. But, if you think you are up to it/want to give it a go, then choose a light enough dumbbell that you can go the distance without stopping. We want to get you some time under a jump rope, so singles for you today, along with the full run. Even if you only get a few rounds, this workout is a good opportunity to get some running volume in short 200m bursts.


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