40 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
20 Hang Power Clean (135/95lbs)
8 Inverted Ring Row
3 Rounds

A good, hard CrossFit workout! :)🙂 The two Pulling movements in a row might get a little spicy, but the weight isn’t that heavy and it is only 3 rounds!  GO HARD, GO FAST!

The Inverted Ring Row should aim to be done with the shoulders lower than the feet at the start of the movement. That means people will need to use a box or bench under their feet. These are really hard!

For the Hang Power Cleans, use a weight that you can do 10+ reps unbroken with in the first round. Make the goal at least 4-5 inverted Ring Rows in a row for the first set. That gives you an idea how hard they need to be.



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