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1.5 BW Deadlift
3/4 BW Bench Press

This is going to be fun! In a horrible kind of way. It is more of a grinder workout. Getting through it mentally will be the challenge. As long as you are safe, really challenge yourselves with the loads.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: You should use a really challenging load for 55 reps of each.  The Rx’d category will be a more achievable for most people.

Fitness: We have switched up the reps a little for you so that rather than the focus being on crushing your souls, it’s on getting through it as fast as possible with a moderate load. You can also scale or sub back to a really hard Pushup version. This is a good opportunity for you to get some Pushup volume under your belt.

When deciding the loads you should use for this workout, the goal is not to do each set unbroken, but rather be heavy enough that you are only able to get a few reps at a time.

Mark your calendars!!  

Saturday, June 18th, the 9 am class will go to Pinecrest Lake with Coach Jenn for a hike around the lake, swimming and picnic/potluck!  Enjoy the morning outside of the gym for a little change.

July 30th will be our annual LAKE WOD at Don and Christina’s Lake Tulloch residence.  More details to come!


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