05/28/2016 Buddy Saturday




Partner Workout
HSPU/OH Squat Ladder
Partner 1 performs 1 HSPU/1 OH Squat (135/95lbs)
Partner  2 performs 1 HSPU/1 OH Squat
Partner 1 performs 2 HSPU/2 OH Squat
Partner 2 performs 2 HSPU/2 OH Squat

So on and so on until they both reach 10 rounds/reps of each

Fun Partner workout to get the weekend started! If you have ever paired HSPU and OH Squats in a workout together, the combo is pretty brutal. It will start out fast, then slow down a little around the 7th/8th round (to be precise, ha!). This is one of those workouts where you should go hard from the start, get the smaller sets done as fast as you can before your shoulders start to fatigue. What’s great about this workout is that you get a little rest in between sets while your partner is working, so when it is your turn, hopefully you are recovered enough to try hit it hard again.

To clarify the workout a little bit; Partner one needs to perform the all HSPU reps in the set first, then the OH Squats second. So, for example, if they were on round 5 it would look like:
Partner One – 5 HSPU + 5 OH Squats – Rest
Partner Two – 5 HSPU + 5 OH Squats – Rest

Beyond Rxd: The whole workout is 78 reps of each movement, 156 reps total and 312 for the Partnership. It’s a good amount of work you need to get through. The OH Squat weight used should be done unbroken for most, if not all, the rounds. Same with the HSPU.  You can Squat Snatch the first rep, and Kipping HSPU are allowed/advised.

Rxd: the reps are 55 per movement, which is a total of 110 for the workout and 220 as a Partnership.  The movement combo will probably hit you a little harder (not everyone) and you might need to break up the OH Squats and HSPU a little sooner.  This is a great workout for people to try take a step up from what they are used to since the workload is incremental and each round seems like an achievable amount of work to get done.

Fitness: We prescribed Dumbbell Push Press for you guys to give you a little bit more of a skilled stimulus than the empty Barbell and we don’t want to waste too much time (while your partner is resting) messing around with doing a HSPU sub on boxes. For both the Push Press and OH Squat use a load that when fresh, you are comfortable doing around 10 reps of each.

Scale the weight accordingly.  You need to be able to get it overhead first so that might be a limiting factor for some people. Scale the HSPU to DB Push Press. Use a challenging load for this if you do modify it.


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