Ali's First Rope Climb Gone Viral

Ali’s First Rope Climb Gone Viral


25 Weighted Walking Lunges
25 Weighted Hip Extension

35 Weighted Walking Lunges
35 Weighted Hip Extensions

45 Weighted Walking Lunges
45 Weighted Hip Extensions

As far as you can go in 15min

We left the ‘weighted’ portion open for you guys to decide what piece of equipment you want to use and how much load you want to use. We suggest that if you are feeling tired from the week,  either use a light plate for both the Lunges and the Hip Extensions or nothing at all. Using bodyweight only will still get pretty spicy.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: If you are feeling good and want to be challenged, for the Walking Lunges, use a heavy set of Dumbbells and one of those Dumbbells for the Hip Extension held to your chest. The Hip Extensions should still be performed fast. If you are slowing down the movement and rounding your back, you should strip the weight back.

Fitness: No need to add weight to the workout here— you will still get a great stimulus without it. If you do want to add something, try a light plate or ball to hold onto for the Good Mornings or back extensions.


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