05/25/2016 Hero WOD Kalsu


WOD:  From CrossFit Football

100 Thrusters (115/75lbs)
EMOM perform 5 Burpees

LT Robert James Kalsu (April 13, 1945 – July 21, 1970) was selected as an Oklahoma Sooner All-American Tackle in 1967. As an eighth-round draft pick of the Buffalo Bills in 1968, he started eight games at Guard and was voted the team’s top rookie in 1968. He began fulfilling his ROTC obligation with the US Army following the ’68 season and started his tour of duty in Vietnam in November of 1969, where he served with Battery C, 2nd Battalion, 11th Artillery, 101st Airborne Division. His MOS was 1193-Field Artillery Unit Commander. LT Bob Kalsu was killed by mortar fire on July 21,1970 at Firebase Ripcord near the Ashau Valley.

“We think this is possibly one of the hardest Hero Workouts ever programmed! Unless you love Thrusters and Burpees.  It doesn’t look hard on paper, but when you are about 60 Thrusters deep, you will understand what we are talking about!  We want everyone to share that feeling— you’re welcome!”-Pat Barber

Unless you are one of those Thruster/Burpee Ninjas, we suggest not going too hot out of the gate. Pick a number of Thrusters that you think you can maintain for the first half of the workout, as well as the second half. It will decrease, trust us.  If the Rx’d folk want to give it a crack at the actual Rx’d weight (Beyond Rxd), that is cool, BUT we will enforce a 30min time cap!

The workout STARTS with 5 Burpees. That is how it is written, many people forget those first few burpees and go straight into the Thrusters.

Fitness: We have taken the Burpees down to 3 per round. This will allow you to get a few more Thrusters per round. Use a weight that will allow you to do at least 5-6 reps in a row. If there is a reason that you should not be performing Thrusters, (mobility restriction, injury, etc),  you can substitute DB Front Squats.


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