05/23/2016 Wear Your Running Shoes!



200m Sprint
Every 2min for 10min

Rest 5min

100m Sprint
EMOM 10min

Sprinting workout!  We know that running-only workouts aren’t as ‘sexy’ as workouts with barbells, but they are just as important.  We might have a few members who plan ahead and decide not to attend.  But we are giving you the “heads up” and strongly encouraging you to change your minds before you make the decision to skip!!  An often-used excuse is “I could do this workout at home.” Sure, but do you?  The answer is NO, you don’t!!  Like every other workout, you need the coach and the community to make it successful!!

Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up before you start putting 100% effort into sprinting. If you’re planning on a turn around or a corner, be aware of other athletes and avoid crashing into each other.

The goal is to have a 1:2 work/rest ratio.  Record all your times and aim to be consistent across all 200m efforts and all 100m efforts. The rest should be enough so that you can output close to 80-90% effort and be consistent.

Fitness: Because intensity is relative to the individual, you might not be able to output the same amount of intensity, BUT you will still get a really great stimulus from the workout by running hard!!

***We will be OPEN 09:00/10:30 am for Memorial Day Murph on Monday, May 30th!!***


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