05/19/2016 More Wall Balls??


Chance and Kyrstyn after the 6 mile Luc’s Run


15 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
10 OH Squats (135/95lbs)
AMRAP 16min

Occasionally, life may demand that you do the same physical task a couple days in a row.  The idea behind a good general physical preparedness program is to be ready for whatever life throws at you each day.  On that note, we hope Fight Gone Bad got you all warmed up for today!!  A high volume Squat workout for your Thursday. Light followed by moderately heavy. The movements will probably start to compound on one another and you may start slowing down during the 16minutes. That is ok, since the goal for today is to test your squatting strength endurance with a little high volume.

A good strategy for you to adopt would be to aim to be consistent throughout the workout. Some people are better at doing big sets, then resting more between those sets. Others might need to do smaller sets with less rest in between. Either is fine, you just need to be consistent with whatever you choose.  Assess your strengths and weaknesses and develop a mental strategy.

Something between 8-10 rounds would be a really good score.  Shoot for at least 7 or 8 rounds.

Because you need to take the OH Squat load from the ground, you will need to be able to either Snatch it or Clean and Jerk it, up overhead.

Rxd and Fitness: Regular Wall Balls for you guys and a moderate load for the OH Squats. The weight will definitely get heavy after a few sets. If you don’t think you can do 10 reps of that weight unbroken fresh, then it is too heavy for you. Scale accordingly.

If you have shoulder/overhead limitations, don’t be hesitant to come workout!  We can substitute for you!!


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