05/10/2016 Go Heavy or Go Home



Odd Minute: 1 Squat Snatch
Even Minute: 1 Hang Squat Snatch
EMOTM for 20min

Hope everyone enjoyed the 30 min session yesterday!  Today we want you to dedicate the whole session to getting better at the Snatch. Then, when the workout starts, you are ready to hit 20 heavy lifts no problem because you have dialed in your technique!

We haven’t written out any percentages we want you to lift at because we want you to go with how you’re feeling for the day along with your coach’s guidance.

We would like you to start with a moderate to heavy load and then every few rounds, have you add more if you can. Don’t start too conservative, otherwise you won’t get the desired stimulus intended for the workout, which is to be able to lift a really heavy load over and over again under fatigue.

Fitness: The workout will most likely turn into a conditioning one for you,  if you use a moderate load across the 20min. It is usually this “fitness” group of people that either don’t know their potential or are just too scared to add more load.  This results in you walking away a little underwhelmed and feeling like you didn’t get a good workout in, because you didn’t lift heavy enough.  If you are moving well, then we will encourage you to GO HEAVY for you!


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