05/06/2016 Happy Friday!

"Where there is no struggle, there is no strength."

“Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.”


5 Strict HSPU
5 Chest to Bar Pullups
AMRAP 15min

For some people the Rxd prescription might not be enough. Feel free to add some plates under their hands for the HSPU and to add some load to the Chest to Bar Pullups. Otherwise they should also be aiming to do rounds in 1-2 sets with some resting in between. For most people, the HSPU will be the limiting factor.

Beyond Rxd: For the HSPU, aim for paralletes with a plate/abmat under-head or use two stacked 45lb plates as the height, also with abmat for support. You will probably start by getting 5 unbroken, then after a few rounds you may need to break them up into a few sets.  For the Weighted Chest to Bar Pullups, use a DB between your thighs/legs. The load should be something that is of similar difficulty to the HSPU. You can do a few rounds unbroken, but then you might need to break it up.

RX  Scale Strict HSPU to Kipping and the Chest to Bar Pullups to regular Pullups once you are no longer able to maintain the harder movements.

For Beyond Rxd and Rxd this should be more of a hard technical gymnastics workout rather than a ‘sweaty’ workout. This should challenge your gymnastics strength endurance rather than your metabolic conditioning. If you think they can get over 15 rounds, then you should think about trying to make it a little harder for yourself with weight. Give the legs a little break today.

Fitness: For you guys, this workout should be more about getting sweaty and pushing through your fitness boundaries. Still think about using loads and modifications that make 5 reps of each movement challenging, but because the movements don’t require a lot of skill, you should be able to move through them faster.


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