CrossFit Sonora hosted 10 new athletes at our Free On Ramp Clinic last Sunday and welcomed 5 new members! We are excited to see these athletes learn and grow in their journey to life long fitness!



1st Min: 50 DU
2nd Min: 10 Over the Box Jump (20″)
3rd Min: 15 Bent Over Barbell Row (65/45lbs)
4th Min: 20 Deadlifts
3 Rounds

Two minutes of jumping, followed by two minutes of pulling. Each movement challenging the next. The goal is to have at least 15sec rest between each movement. This gives you a few breaths to get to the next station before starting again.

Beyond Rxd and Rxd: The Over the Box Jumps needs to be a jump up for it to be Rxd.  You can step down or jump down.

For the Bent Over Barbell, make sure your backs are in good positions (like the bottom of a good morning).  Bend your knees if you need to. The load should be light enough so that your position doesn’t change during the movement. The natural tendency is for people to lift their chests when they pull.

The Deadlift is done with the same load as the Bent over Barbell. 20 reps at that weight should be no problem, but after a few rounds doing them after the Bent Over Barbell, you might begin to feel the burn!


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